Environmental Equipment


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As the preferred greater midwest distributor for BioHitech Eco-Digesters, The Vanella Group can help you save on food waste digestion in an eco-friendly way. 

By converting to an Eco-Digester, you reduce hauling costs, reduce janitorial supplies, reduce labor, and improve purchasing, inventory and food service efficiencies while saving the planet from greenhouse gas emissions. 


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Digester Brochure

We find savings and improve maintenance in medical facilities, stadiums, care centers, hotels, prisons, universities and other large capacity venues by offering innovative solutions with new technologies to handle and process your waste materials.  Compactors and Digesters are just two of the many products we offer to help solve your environmental problems.

As a distributor for Compaction Technologies, The Vanella Group can help you save on paper waste compaction in an eco-friendly way. 

Simply replace your garbage cans with our Innovative Compaction Unit and immediately reduce your businessʼs carbon footprint and save some green. Reduce trash bags, reduce the number of trash truck pick ups, and reduce landfill usage. It's a win-win for everyone.