Energy Optimization

Our commercial division integrates services to save businesses money on their building and reduce the environmental impact. We take the worry and cost out of general maintenance, repair, cleaning, HVAC, lighting and exteriors. We drive costs down by finding savings where you might not think to look.

Facility Management

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General Repair · Plumbing / Electrical / HVAC
Interior and Exterior Furnishings
IT Services

Painting Services
Project Management
Property and Building Inspections
Security Services
Signage Services
Sustainable Consulting and Practices       (Being Green)


Here is a sampling of services:

  • Building Automation
  • Building System Optimization
  • Compliance with Local Ordinances
  • Energy Star ® programs
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Maximizing On-Going Programs
  • Monitoring Systems and Inspections
  • Retrofit and Maintenance
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Utility Cost Reductions

How can we waste less and save more?  By doing the best job with what you already have. Instead of another energy audit, you need experts from The Vanella Group (TVG) to help you mine information, and evaluate and prioritize your energy sustainability plan so your facility can be a high performance machine.

With personalized service, The Vanella Group has the resources, experience and expertise to install, renovate, service, manage and optimize your property.

The Vanella Group offers the following facility management services and more:
Cleaning Services
Construction Management
Consumable Product Management   (Restroom and Cleaning Supplies)
Drain / Sewer / Grease Hood and Trap Cleaning Service
Emergency Environmental Incident Response Service
Employee Training Programs
Energy Optimization

Environmental Services (Waste & Recycling)
Exterior Services – Snow/Lawn/ Landscaping


Our non-profit division helps churches and other like organizations find long-term savings, create positive environmental impact and maximize their volunteer efforts with their facilities and grounds. We integrate services to improve them and let our non-profit clients re-focus their attention to their mission.

TVG provides client-specific energy optimization for commercial and non-profit organizations, while reducing long-term costs.